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Animation For Your Business

Updated: Mar 2

So you’re thinking about adding animation to your website, social strategy, or marketing plan and wondering if it’s a good idea. Smart marketers know that capturing your audience in a short amount of time is key to getting your point across. Smarter marketers know that using video, specifically animation, is a no-brainer when it comes to content creation and your brand’s marketing strategy.

1. Entertaining and memorable

With such a visual audience, marketers are always looking for a better way to grab consumers’ attention and keep them interested, and video is the perfect tool (check out our other blog post, Why You Need Video Marketing.

Animation brings all of that to life: what could have been a boring explainer video has now turned into an interactive and memorable piece that keeps your audience interested. Introducing your new product and service with a kinetic text video mixes up your social content and helps gain more interest in your brand, especially if you promote it to the right audience.

2. The "wow" factor

Animation = impressive.There is a sense of professionalism when it comes to adding animation to your brand. A stellar and well-put together animated piece makes your clients believe that your company is the “real deal” and can give your brand a bit of a personality boost. Animation will give you something different from your standard social media content or your text-heavy website – spice it up a bit!

3. Make complex ideas, simple

Have a difficult message to get across? Animate it! We worked with the City of Chandler to produce a piece on their HOA Academy program that had a lot of information packed into it. To appeal to current HOA members and people who were thinking about joining their HOA board, using animation made sure that the material was communicated easily, comprehensively, and of course with stellar visuals.

Does your business have animation? Let us know how it has affected your marketing strategy in the comments!

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