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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Growing your company probably starts with streaming your day-to-day marketing tasks and increasing your efficiency. If so, marketing automation might be a solution.

To put it simply, marketing automation is software used for automating a variety of marketing actions such as emails, social media, and internal and external workflows. Using software for automating your marketing practices, especially though an agency, can take everyday stressors off your plate if you use it to its full potential.

If you’re on the fence about implementing any kind of marketing automation, continue reading to understand the benefits that it can have for your company.

1. Save time

Sometimes the little things add up, but automating tasks can mean one less thing keeping you working late or having to hire another person to manage. Repetitive tasks like sending emails, scheduling out social media, and website updates can all be done in record time with web automation. According to Adestra, ¾ of marketers say that saving time is the biggest advantage to marketing automation.

2. Make smart decisions

Marketing automation systems can give you the ability to take a closer look at how your potential leads enter your site and monitor their behaviors through emails and social media. Getting better information on your demographic and what content resonates with your audience can give you a better idea of how to tweak your marketing strategy for the best results.

3. Produce a better ROI

With an automated system, you can save time on staffing costs while getting a better ROI. Marketing automation increases the rate of conversion from your leads into actual sales. You are able to see the quality of your leads and track their interactions with your online presence easily while automating your interactions and making it a breeze to manage customer relationships.

4. Consistency

Something that marketing automation software does well is maintaining consistency. It’s important that you keep in touch with your clients to maintain a long and reliable relationship. Contacting them through the right channel at the right time is key for turning those leads into customers.

Interesting in learning more about marketing automation? We got you covered – check out our guide here!

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