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Create Effective Landing Pages

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Find yourself marketing without conversion? We totally get it. Even with amazing social media ads and traffic to your website, it might not be enough. Making sure that you’re optimizing your landing pages can be the answer.

Here are five tips to help get that ROI you’re looking for:

1. Include video in your landing page

Your landing page should look different from your competitors. That means making it unique to your business! Consider using video on your ad and landing pages to convey your message creatively.

2. Keep your landing page forms short and sweet

The most effective forms require you to fill out only a few pieces of information. Grab only the essential data that you need from potential leads, like their name and email. Think about the amount of information that you would want to fill out for a company and do the same for your audience. The easier it is to fill out your form, the more likely someone will give you the information.

3. Keep your landing page on brand and on message

Keep your verbiage and messaging consistent! If you promise something in a social media ad, make sure to deliver when your potential leads visit your landing page. It may seem obvious, but keeping your brand promise is crucial. So make sure to take extra time and match your ad’s content, creativity, and messaging to your landing page.

4. Keep the page organized

You only have a few seconds to make an impression on your potential leads. Make sure your landing page is not only unique to your business but that it is clean, organized, and understandable to your audience.

5. Minimal and mobile friendly

Your landing page should start with a header that gets straight to the point. Don’t crowd your page with unnecessary information and messy graphics – when in doubt, go minimal! And don’t forget to make your forms compatible with mobile platforms to cater to everyone in your audience.

Conversions and ROI aren’t rocket science, but they don’t just magically happen. Following best practices and making your landing pages as user-friendly as possible means success for your campaign and less time scrambling to create more content. Have some questions? Let's talk!

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