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Creating Thought: Leadership with LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn continues to reign as the leading business social platform, what with its networking capabilities and article publishing. The latter is the focus for this blog post, as we’ve been incorporating it into a few of our client B2B social strategies and have been seeing some killer results.

LinkedIn’s article publishing service has received mixed reviews from the marketing community, but for the right company, with the right strategy, it can work. For clients who rely heavily on B2B, we’ve found great success. We’ve also used it as a place to ensure continuity in messaging; for example, in one client’s case, we used LinkedIn articles as a platform to provide industry news and opinions, while rebranding their website. Finally, when a client has already made business connections on LinkedIn, why not tap into them? LinkedIn’s article publishing feature provides the right place to create content and get it in front of the right people.

Another benefit of publishing directly to LinkedIn is its comprehensive tool belt. While a typical marketing strategy for blog posting includes optimization for SEO, sharing the post to social, incorporating messaging into a newsletter and more, LinkedIn’s broad reach can streamline the process.

LinkedIn shares your post with your connections and syndicates this out to their notification digests (depending on your connection’s settings). Furthermore, as with other social channels, you can optimize your posts with specific hashtags related to your industry and audience. It’s social SEO and can help generate additional views and impressions on your article.

Another benefit of publishing your article to LinkedIn is the analytics. They’re simple yet informative, with LinkedIn making them very easy to comprehend and digest.

This also gives great insight as to the type of people reading and engaging with your post – are they the right audience? Do they have the right titles? All of this can be inferred from the simple analytics that LinkedIn provides for each article you publish.

We aren’t saying this platform can replaces your blog, but incorporating LinkedIn articles into your marketing strategy can build your clout and establish you and your company as a thought-leader in your industry.

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