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Facebook Customer Service

With everyone posting everything online and with users tweeting and commenting publicly, it is no surprise to see brands and companies receiving online praise (and sometimes complaints) when it comes to their customer service and engagement over social media. This is not new – social media has been used for customer service for years now. But, Facebook has a few updated offerings for business pages, and we wanted to highlight some of these free services that can help you take your customer service to the next level.

Facebook automated messaging

Automated messages are quick and easy to set up through Facebook because the channel lets you choose an allotted timeframe for when the automated message will be sent to a user. You can edit the message by incorporating an individual’s name, adding customizations around how long it will take you or someone from your company to respond, and more. You can set up automated messages for frequently asked questions, such as business hours and location information, which Facebook will pull from your About section of your business page. Automated messages are great, just don’t forget to actually answer the person and review your messages!

Facebook Messenger on your website

Facebook also gives you the option to integrate their Messenger chat onto your website, which is a great option for web customer service as it allows a customer to begin a conversation with you on your website and continue in Messenger.

Facebook makes the plugin setup simple, allowing users to edit the greeting message, customize the colors so you can provide branding around the application, and put it all in a code snippet that you can copy and paste into your website’s HTML. The setup is very similar to Facebook’s pixel for advertising.

Facebook subscription messaging

You have to do a bit of digging to find Facebook’s “Advanced Messaging Features” to access their Subscription Messaging option. While you can only put in a request to use this feature, it is great for government and service entities because users are only allowed to send non-promotional content through this messaging option. Facebook asks in their request form for users to provide sample messaging and explain how they will use this Subscription Messaging service.

According to Facebook, you can utilize this option in one of three ways: news, with examples such as disrupted services due to weather or an issue with the website; productivity, such as bill payment and service reminders; and personal tracking, with Facebook providing examples of tracking themselves when it comes to fitness, health, wellness and finance.

Unsure of how to integrate these tools into your social and customer service strategy? Shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll walk you through it!

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