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Old-School Writing Rules That Don’t Apply to Blogs

Does anyone else have flashbacks to the late-night scramble of checking and double-checking grammar, punctuation and spacing in search of the perfect grade? We feel you, and while we still believe that good editing equals good writing, we also know that part of the reason we learn the rules, is so we know when to break them! Here are some of the old-school writing rules that are disappearing when it comes to online content.

Out: Two spaces after a period

In: One Space after a period

Definitely not in: No space after a period

Probably one of the most identifiable rules, this trend has been on the outs in recent years. Most blogs and whitepapers do not follow this rule and on the rare occasion you come across it, it looks a bit out of place.

Out: Not ending a sentence with a proposition

In: Ending a sentence with a proposition

Definitely not in: Ending a sentence with an "unnatural" proposition

About, above, across, after…did you, too, have to memorize the list of prepositions for English class in middle school? While this rule should be followed more often than not, we are seeing a trend in letting a few sentences end in a preposition and not hating it. We try not to break this rule often, but sometimes we have to because that’s what this example is for.

Out: Do not start a sentence with a conjunction

In: But you can start sentences with conjunctions!

Definitely not in: We're not sure...So let's just say JNCO Jeans

Because this rule is trending out, we think it’s a perfect way to give you an example! But do not fret if this makes you uncomfortable. We’re writing this and feeling some major “cringe.”

In all seriousness, sometimes beginning a sentence with a conjunction helps get your point across and can add some flavor and variation to your writing.

Of course, we are not saying to nix all of your favorite writing rules. Whether you are breaking the rules or sticking to them strictly, it’s all about making your message clear and easy for your audience to understand. And while these are trends we are seeing online you need to stay true to your brand voice!

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